Why Getting a Massage After Motor Vehicle Accident – Reasons & Ways

Why Getting a Massage After Motor Vehicle Accident
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If you encounter motor vehicle accident accidentally, massage is one of the best ways to start the rehabilitation process. There are many advantages to massage after motor vehicle accord. Here, we will discuss why we should receive massage to recover and the benefits of massage.

Why Do You Need a Massage after a Vehicle Accident?

Relieve Pain

No matter how serious your car accident is, you may experience some degree of pain. Most collisions will cause physical discomfort due to whiplash or pain caused by accidental vibration.

Anyone involved in the Vehicle accident can tell you that in the next few days, you may feel pain in seemingly strange places. You may not remember hitting your shoulder, but you may feel as if you did, or your lower back may feel inexplicably painful. The power and suddenness of a car accident will make your whole body ache.

Massage can relieve pain. It can promote blood circulation, improve the function of the lymphatic system, and help reduce inflammation. Trigger point therapy is a special form of massage therapy, which can also solve unknown or systemic pain.

Without massage, this discomfort can last for months or even years. However, through massage, it can begin to ease and disappear. It works well with other treatment methods (such as chiropractic, physiotherapy, etc.). By relaxing muscles and increasing blood flow, massage can help reduce pain, which will make your recovery more comfortable.

Faster Recovery

If you suffer from neck sprain or soft tissue injury due to a Vehicle accident, massage will help. Whiplash can cause pain, stiffness, and limited range of motion, which may also affect mental and emotional symptoms.

Studies have shown that massage therapy can alleviate these symptoms, alleviate depression, insomnia and other symptoms, if not controlled, it will prolong the healing process.

Reduce Inflammation (or Swelling)

Inflammation (or swelling) is the result of increased fluid (or interstitial fluid) and leukocyte movement into the wound area. This is the body’s automatic response to injury and attempts to heal itself. However, this can lead to pain and discomfort.

Massage is helpful to discharge excess liquid for treatment, promote the continuous flow of blood to important parts, and improve the recovery process. One of the biggest benefits of massage for patients is to relieve tension, inflammation and increase the range of activities. Increasing the range of motion of the patient helps to relax the tense areas of the body such as the neck and back. Help relieve stress and help psychological recovery. Let you embark on the road of rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

When we talk about car accident survivors, we will see the huge mental trauma after the collision. This is reasonable, because the accident is a big, big, high impact experience, it is difficult to get rid of it unscathed.

For car accident survivors, there will be a large number of mental trauma / post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after the collision. This makes sense, because a car accident is a big, big, high impact experience that happens so fast that you don’t have time to respond adequately. It’s hard to survive a car accident unscathed. Although mental trauma is an often underestimated side effect of car accidents, it may be the main obstacle to rehabilitation. For example, when trauma leads to insufficient sleep, the body can hardly heal.

Even if you are not injured, the car accident is traumatic. You have paperwork, repairs, and insurance claims, all of which can mask a little tenderness or mild headache in your neck. Receiving massage treatment after a car accident can change your feeling one week, one month or even one year after the car accident.

Massage Therapy May Be Covered by Your Insurance

Your policy may include personal injury protection (PIP). This insurance coverage means that your policy will pay a certain amount of medical services to treat your injury after the accident. If you do not use the insurance coverage for other services, it is likely to cover the cost of massage treatment.

If you are involved in an accident involving another driver who is at fault, their policy may cover your massage treatment or other care. In some cases, you may be reimbursed, while in other cases, the insurance company may pay directly to Pinnacle health chiropractic. It depends on the company, policies and the overall situation. The best way to know whether massage therapy is covered is to contact your insurance company. Its representative will be able to tell you whether the fee is included and whether there are any specific requirements, such as the doctor’s prescription.

Massage Therapy May Help Treat Concussion

If you suffer a concussion in a Vehicle accident, massage therapy may be a useful treatment, either immediately or in the next few days or weeks. Massage technology aimed at strengthening the parasympathetic nervous system is particularly effective for patients with concussion or problems after concussion.

What Kind of Massage is the Most Beneficial After an Accident?

In the first 5 days after the accident, the therapist should insist on mild lymphatic drainage massage. In the first 5 days after the accident, you can gently start more orthopedic medical massage. Through post accident massage, your therapist may pay attention to both muscles and face, which is a thin layer of connective tissue that surrounds all your muscles and helps them fix in place.

In order to solve your muscle pain and spasm problems, your therapist may try several different types of massage, such as:

  • Swedish massage, which is a gentle whole-body massage, helps to restore relaxation and healing.
  • Craniosacral massage, which is also a gentle massage technique, focuses on the head and neck.
  • Deep muscle therapy massage, a more intense form of massage, focuses on relieving deep and persistent muscle pain.
  • Trigger point massage, which is a massage focusing on the trigger point of pain.

How Long Should You Receive Massage Therapy after an Accident?

You can quickly seek massage treatment for your post accident injury. In fact, the sooner you seek care, the better your recovery journey will be. It is usually recommended that you wait about two days after a car accident before seeking a massage. However, you should talk to your chiropractor to decide what is best for your body.


Massage therapy is a good technique that can help you heal car related injuries. Massage after a Vehicle accident is not only safe, but also very wise. A study showed that more than 83% of those who sought massage treatment after a car accident found that their symptoms had been greatly improved. Another 12% found their symptoms improved.

Sometimes, people are afraid to seek massage treatment after car accidents because they are not sure whether massage will only worsen their injuries. This is common in patients with neck sprains. However, proper massage treatment will not worsen your neck injury – or most other injuries.

If you have a motor car accident recently, in most cases, you should seek massage as a feasible treatment option. However, you should have different massages at different times.

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