Karrimor Excel Treadmill Review 2022 – How to Use?

Karrimor Excel Treadmill Review
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Karrimor Excel Treadmill has a running handle and frame wheel, so we can use Karrimor Excel Treadmill to move easily in the room in a compact position “.  Karrimor Excel Treadmill has a bracket to keep your iPad entertained. You can get 25 programs and manual programs. There are support handles on both sides of you, which can help you maintain balance and safety at all times. It’s easy to fold it up after use. 

Karrimor Excel Treadmill Features

Karrimor Excel Treadmill has a “large and clear display showing duration, speed, distance, slope, calories, pulse and any selected program”. The description of the website said: “Karrimor Excel Treadmill is named because it has the excellent ability to determine and control the speed suitable for you.”

Karrimor Excel Treadmill Benefits

  • The large screen clearly displays: duration, speed, distance, slope, calories, pulse and program
  • 25 programs, including walking, running, short / medium / long-distance running.
  • The treadmill has a two-point suspension system that generates additional cushioning.

Main functions of Karrimor Excel Treadmill

Karrimor Excel Treadmill has a series of useful functions. The folding design allows the deck to be lifted and stored in a compact, upright position. Karrimor Excel Treadmill body wheels also allow you to move the machine easily.

Karrimor Excel Treadmill is equipped with 10 electric slopes, which you can choose from 25 built-in exercise programs. This makes it easy to do all kinds of exercises. There is a suspension device on the deck, which can produce cushioning and carry out low impact sports at home. Powered by a 1.50 HP vigour motor, the platform can achieve a 1.75 HP clean running. The maximum speed of Karrimor Excel Treadmill is 14kph.

What is Karrimor Excel Treadmill?

Karrimor Excel Treadmill is a compact and easy to assemble treadmill, which is most suitable for beginners, even experienced runners. Its running platform is equipped with 10 layers of electric slopes, so you can mirror the hills in your comfortable room.

Because Karrimor Excel Treadmill’s 25 built-in programs can track speed, distance, calories and pulse rate, its control panel is very easy to operate and humanized. The built-in stereo speakers and audio jacks on both sides can also be easily connected to stereo, so that you can enjoy your favorite music during exercise.

Karrimor Excel Treadmill has a low impact workout with a 2-point suspension system for extra cushioning. Once your training is complete, the compact treadmill will be easy to store because the platform is lifted to an almost upright position. Karrimor Excel Treadmill comes from the Karrimor family, which is famous for its excellent fitness and sports equipment.

How Does Karrimor Excel Treadmill Work?

Karrimor Excel Treadmill has more advanced settings than some cheap treadmills seen elsewhere. It can be folded for storage after use. There are three manual tilt settings, 2.8%, 5% and 6.5% respectively, to provide higher intensity training. The maximum user weight guide is 15 stone and 10 pounds or 100kg. The speed setting range is very wide, from 1 km / h to 12 km / h, the peak power is 1.5HP (0.8 continuous motor size), and there is console tracking in terms of pulse, speed, distance, calories and operation training time.

Karrimor Excel Treadmill is powered by power and equipped with transport wheels, which is easy to move, and the weight of 42 kg is not too heavy. In terms of size, the deck size is 120cm long and 40cm wide, with a standard warranty of 12 months. If you use Karrimor Excel Treadmill, you will have enough options to change your weekly workouts. The treadmill is foldable and easy to store. The LCD screen records all the main fitness parameters. The maximum weight allowed is 5 pounds (110 kg) heavier than 17 stones for the first time.

Karrimor Excel Treadmill has speed levels ranging from 1 km to 13 km per hour and is easy to replace. It also includes speakers and MP3 connections, allowing you to maintain longer power on the deck. The tilt angle of Karrimor Excel Treadmill can change with the program. It is equipped with spring clip and transport wheel as standard, and you can enjoy 1-year warranty protection for peace of mind.

Detailed Function Introduction of Karrimor Excel Treadmill

  • Two point suspension system

Two point suspension provides additional cushioning. The impact of this sport is low, which means that you are less likely to get injured when running on the treadmill than when running on the street. If you are used to the high impact sports of outdoor running, it will also bring a welcome change.

  • Elevation of ten mobile slopes

A good feature of Karrimor Excel Treadmill is that it has ten slopes. There are a series of slopes that allow you to choose a running style that is more suitable for you. It also means that you can climb the mountain comfortably in your home like a mirror.

  • 3 Stereo Speakers

Music is a great driving force for exercise. This treadmill is equipped with built-in stereo speakers and audio jacks on both sides for connecting music. This is great for anyone who likes to exercise according to his favorite tune.

  • Compact design

Karrimor has a compact design, which is very suitable for use at home. The compact design is easy to assemble, and there is a lifting platform that allows you to store the treadmill neatly upright.

  • Built in workout

Karrimor Excel Treadmill is equipped with 25 built-in exercise programs. These can be exercised at home. They include walking, running, sprinting / middle distance running, and the controversial women’s exercise program.

Premier fit T100 enjoys a high reputation. The buyer claims that it is very suitable for beginners. However, potential buyers need to know a lot. Its manual shows that the maximum user weight is 100kg. This is mainly because of its small size. It also has no adjustable inclination.

Like other treadmills, the console displays time, calories, distance, and speed. All treadmills need maintenance. We like the fact that this treadmill comes with a bottle of lubricant. Another common comment from buyers is that it is easy to assemble.


When the goal is fitness and exercise, treadmill is a necessary fitness equipment for many people. Karrimor Excel Treadmill introduced in this article can help us exercise effectively. However, due to one of the sports modes, including the “Lady exerciser” mode, this special treadmill has been attacked. If you want to buy a cheap treadmill, Karrimor Excel Treadmill may be the right model for you. Since the price may change slightly every month, you must ensure that you have the most accurate and up-to-date price information.

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