Bongers Massage Tool Review – The Complete Guide to Using It

Bongers Massage Tool Review1
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Deep tissue massage will bring unnecessary pressure to your hands and fingers, which usually makes massage therapists need massage by themselves! However, by using the bonds massage tool, you can get a long-term high-quality painless massage. Using the bangers mass tool is as simple and fun as beating and drumming, and it is a great excuse for drummers to practice on you!

Benefits of Bongers Massage Tool 

Bongers massage tool can help us release the pressure and tension of our back, legs, arms and feet. Using bongers massage tool in a few minutes can make you feel energetic, energetic and relaxed. In addition, bongers massage tool is very beneficial to your blood circulation and health.

These excellent massage tools are very suitable for all people who like great massage! It only takes a few seconds to learn to use them, and even children can become experts in a few minutes!

Just make sure you use these bongers massage tools correctly to massage your muscles, not your bones. Bongers massage tool is an interesting massage method. The most important thing is to relieve stress and muscle tension while having fun!

If you use it for a few minutes every day, bongers massage tool may help strengthen your immune system, make you feel more energetic and happy, and make it easier for you to fall asleep. You may also notice that your skin feels healthier and softer, because bongers massage tool can remove stagnant blood.

What is the Bonger Massage Tool?

Bongers massage tool is a percussive massage tool that can easily massage yourself or others. Pain relief and relaxation are within reach! By playing some music and playing it rhythmically, it becomes a kind of musical massage.

How does it feel to be knocked? Many people describe their first smoking experience as “under a powerful waterfall and a soothing stream”. Just close your eyes and imagine that you are on an exotic holiday! As long as a cigarette, you will be persuaded!

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How to Use the Bonger Massage Tool?

Bongers Massage Tool

It’s easy to learn the massage technique of bongers massage tool. You only need 5 minutes or less. First of all, realize that you can easily learn to smoke by intuition, and you can even find a way to feel better. This is just a way to use the bonds mass tool, which is designed to do all the work for you! You can use the following four simple steps to perfectly experience the comfort brought by the bonds mass tool.

  1. First, breathe deeply and relax. When beating yourself or others, always make sure you are in a relaxed state of mind, so that you will not increase tension. Put on your favorite music to relax or motivate yourself. Now we are ready! You can hold the wooden handle of the bonds mass tool with your fingers and place your thumb on the flat part of the metal shaft.
  2. This grip method draws on the “German style” of drum and percussion. Bongers mass tool encourages correct drumming techniques, which bounce immediately after impact, making drumming a good teaching tool. To start Bonger with this grip:You can put your thumb on the edge of the wooden collar. The thumb should be perpendicular to the metal axis.
  3. Put your first finger around the other side of the wooden collar. The crease of the first finger joint should be aligned with the metal axis and the center of the thumb. (imagine that there is no wooden collar, so the metal shaft will be located in the crease of the first joint).
  4. Now you can wrap the remaining 3 fingers loosely under the indented shoulder. The middle finger is placed on the indented shoulder, and the little finger is roughly aligned on the two carving lines near the bottom. At this time, the metal axis of the bongers mass tool should be parallel to the natural line formed by the forearm and hand. This should make you think of bonger as an extension of your arm. Finally, use your wrist to lift the bongers mass tool to the “starting position”, and then in a smooth action, lift bonger down and up, allowing natural rebound and recoil to bring bonger back to the starting position. In this way, the more energy you put into a stroke, the more it will recoil, pulling the pain out of the patient rather than getting into trouble.

Now that you have mastered the above four steps of using the bonds mass tool and know the feeling of tapping, you have hope to gain some sympathy for tapping others. Some people like it soft and simple, while others like it harder and faster. You’ll never say it. At first, be sure to be gentle and slow until someone instructs you not to do so. Even in the same person, there will be great differences in different parts of the body. In addition, depending on their pressure level and location, each time may be different. At the beginning, exercise every muscle gently and slowly with the bongers massage tool, and constantly seek feedback while slowly increasing intensity and rhythm.

Soon, you will become a master of tapotement. Finger massage is much more powerful, but you also need to seek feedback, or even more. Some people compare this strong drum sound to the pounding water under a powerful waterfall, or to the pulsating, powerful vortex jet. This should only be done on people who are in good physical condition, have strong muscles and require strong massage.


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