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AirGo Curve Treadmill
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The AirGo Curve Treadmill is an outstanding innovation of the traditional treadmill. The AirGo Curve Treadmill is specially designed to help health and wellness enthusiasts exercise better, because the AirGo Curve Treadmill is completely powered by users own efforts. Compared with other treadmills, the AirGo Curve Treadmill may be more expensive, but compared with the traditional electric treadmill, the AirGo Curve Treadmill has many advantages, and the service cost in the whole service life is very low.

In fact, the AirGo Curve Treadmill is a non motorized treadmill that works quietly and consumes no power. In the long run, when you consider using this treadmill, it will save you a lot of electricity and maintenance costs. AirGo Curve Treadmill is an excellent choice for those who have a larger treadmill budget, want to minimize technical trouble, and are looking for a heavy treadmill to provide them with excellent exercise.

What is AirGo Curve Treadmill?

AirGo Curve Treadmill Features:

  • Max User Weight: 400lb
  • Heavy Commercial Construction
  • Dimensions: 66″ x 35″ x 63″ Product Weight: 350lb

The AirGo Curve Treadmill is a non motorized concave device on which the user can walk and run, and each foot impact will push the rear belt. The system is designed to use vertical and horizontal contours to pull the belt down or back when walking or running, so as to eliminate the need for motors, which is a benefit to those who want natural speed. Some systems on the market today, such as Woodway, trueform, Technogym and commandos, have curved non mobile systems available. All this promises the same thing: a comfortable running experience and improved training with curvilinear strokes.

Treadmill as a way of exercise has existed for many years, and it was used at home 100 years ago. It is important to understand the differences between electric and non electric treadmills and between flat treadmills and AirGo Curve Treadmill. The exercise training treadmill buyer’s guide covers the instruments required for measurement, but does not mention the AirGo Curve Treadmill because they are not research equipment. There are some studies to explore how to use the AirGo Curve Treadmill to test athletes, but they are more about the reliability of the conditioned reflex test than the ground reaction or running mechanics.

How Does AirGo Curved Treadmill Work?

The mechanical secret of the AirGo Curve Treadmill is a mixture of gravity, friction and the exploration of force during running. During the backward downward stroke, the weight of the foot and body will pull the pedal down and back, because of the bending shape of the equipment. The contact point is obviously before the center of mass; Therefore, the support experience is different from other non motorized treadmill options or running on the ground.

Although these differences are not visible to the naked eye, they are enough to help the body withstand the vertical ground reaction. Running on curves can help some athletes or bodybuilders reduce the pressure of vertical ground reaction on their legs. However, due to the unique design of the AirGo Curve Treadmill, measuring the force on it is a difficult process because the force plate is usually large and obviously flat.

The key to a good AirGo Curve Treadmill is the ability of ball bearing or reducing the early horizontal friction of foot strike, so as to reduce the artificial change of shooting mode. Ideally, during foot impact, the lower the friction, the more the improvement in the muscle discharge pattern, but there is a compromise, because the braking phase is necessary for propulsion. Technically, at the highest speed, the contribution of the horizontal force you use is very small, because most of the speed is generated by redirecting the vertical force, but at the second maximum, the hips use the horizontal force in running. The debate about what is more important to speed has subsided, because recent research clearly points out that the balance of horizontal, horizontal and vertical forces is a necessary condition for the success of sprint. Using the AirGo Curve Treadmill is very similar to running on the ground, but it is far from interchangeable.

Does the AirGo Curve Treadmill Really Work?

I will use other peer-reviewed science and my own data collection to support my logic and reasoning. It seems that the research on treadmill and sprint is not a priority, so I will share what is available and what I have learned from measuring important variables.

In my investigation, these studies showed the value of AirGo Curve Treadmill, but did not really solve the difference between ground running. Some studies have pointed out the challenges of non motorized running and how they are often not comparable. Overall, these studies seem to avoid a simple question: what is the difference between running on the AirGo Curve Treadmill and running on flat ground?

In general, I hope there is more scope in the total number of studies, and some depth of research is solid. Some of these studies are attractive and important for people with special health needs. The best example I have found is Parkinson’s disease, a neurological disease that affects millions of people. My grandfather suffered from this heinous disease, so I am excited to see that walking on a curved treadmill has potential benefits for improving the walking of patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Pros and Cons of AirGo Curve Treadmill

In general, the AirGo Curve Treadmill is useful for exercise, but I don’t know if they are suitable for rehabilitation training or elite training. The difference in dynamics and kinematics reminds me of the resistance sled, because with the development of strength, the changes in motor skills or the possible negative effects may be reduced, so it is difficult to say that running on a sled in small doses is a problem. For the average Joe, reflexes are not something I worry about. Anything that can provide a safe and effective way to challenge my body is a good progress.

Pros for Curved Treadmill Running

  • You can set them up anywhere

These products have no power cord and are completely manual. You don’t have to worry about setting it near the power outlet, and you want the wire to connect to it. In addition, you can get extra savings bonus on your energy bill!

  • You will get better exercise in a shorter time

You can get more effective training courses than high-tech mobile treadmills from the AirGo Curve Treadmill. AirGo Curve Treadmill burns 30% more calories. You can attract more muscle groups by moving yourself.

  • They are safer than electric treadmills

Have you ever been too tired to continue, and you have to move the speed setting, press one button at a time until the speed slows down? This is not the case with the AirGo Curve Treadmill. When you are ready to stop, just stop and the belt will stay with you. This is especially important for runners who prefer not to consider their speed before or during a run.

  • They live longer

If you don’t have all the tiny moving parts of the motor, you can disassemble fewer parts. The most common part to be replaced is the strip on the belt, which is a repair method that is much cheaper than working on the motor. After proper care, you can expect an AirGo Curve Treadmill to keep you going for 10-15 years.

Cons for Curved Treadmill Running

  • Based on the limitations of curve running, if an athlete needs to run in a different way from the regular running, the device can be used as a substitute for speed or an alternative running option. The AirGo Curve Treadmill does not provide the vertical force oscillation required to help replicate maximum speed development, nor does it provide the acceleration posture required for sprinting.
  • You must decide whether the AirGo Curve Treadmill is suitable for your situation. I believe that they are of great value to the general fitness crowd. They are an interesting choice for leisure runners, a creative intermittent choice for high-performance running, and a possible benefit for Sprinters in some cases. This science needs more research to catch up with this technology, but the AirGo Curve Treadmill is very popular and its use is increasing.

How Do I Train Using AirGo Curve Treadmill?

First, you need to find your feet. “Any technical change will make people feel more difficult, so it’s important to measure your early efforts before trying harder exercises,” said reed Sims. What is the first thing to remember when you determine the direction? You control everything. Your sense of balance may vary, but it is worth sticking to. Your brain will soon understand.

“At first, the curve may feel a little heavy, so it takes some time to get used to running on the treadmill, practice acceleration and maintain a stable pace,” he continued. “You need to bring yourself closer to the front of the treadmill and encourage your feet to pull the seat belt back when landing. Consider posture – keep your body straight, your abdomen strong, and don’t forget to turn your arms. They will help maintain momentum.”

AirGo Curve Treadmill can be used for any traditional treadmill training, but in some cases, their potential becomes very strong. Reed Sims added: “considering that you will work harder, the AirGo Curve Treadmill is very suitable for time-based training.”. “You know how long you have to work and you can concentrate on your work.”

How Much Does AirGo Curve Treadmill Cost?

The AirGo Curve Treadmill starts at about $3000. This makes them a little higher than flat-panel manual treadmills because they are made of more professional materials. Their prices may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Why Choose AirGo Curve Treadmill Better?

  • No motor – with a traditional treadmill, you may have to pay for maintenance to maintain the motor. In most models, the motor is easy to burn out or needs to be repaired. The non motorized treadmill can reduce the risk of equipment damage and improve the overall durability of the treadmill.
  • It burns more calories – research shows that the AirGo Curve Treadmill actually burns more calories than a traditional treadmill, up to 30%. Because you are self regulating your running training, you need a higher level of attention and mental toughness to continue at a high speed. Its goal is to reward fast, efficient runners and make them very helpful for weight loss.
  • AirGo Curve Treadmill can work more muscle groups – another great advantage of AirGo Curve Treadmill is that it uses more muscle groups than traditional treadmills. In particular, your glutes and hamstrings contract more frequently when running on a manual treadmill. This introduces the next benefit of AirGo Curve Treadmill.
  • Promote natural running patterns – an advantage of AirGo Curve Treadmill is that it can promote natural running patterns by exercising the muscle groups highlighted above. When you move from the treadmill to the road or track, this is a huge reward. This also makes the AirGo Curve Treadmill very suitable for your running technology. Running on a treadmill may have the opposite effect.
  • Run at your own pace and pace – one of the great attractions of the AirGo Curve Treadmill over a motorized treadmill is that they allow you to set your pace. The AirGo Curve Treadmill is not set the speed and running speed, and then try to keep up, but is driven by the force you pass to it. This avoids the bad habit of trying to keep up with running too fast and allows you to train based on how you feel that day and your overall heart rate.
  • Compact design – the best AirGo Curve Treadmill is also very compact, which is easier to install in the home gym or living room than some cumbersome ordinary treadmills.

Is It Harder to Run on AirGo Curve Treadmill?

Yes, you work harder on the AirGo Curve Treadmill. In this study, researchers from the school of sports, rehabilitation and sports science of the University of Essex recruited 13 male runners with 5K PRS of 20 minutes or more. They asked runners to complete four treadmill runs in two weeks. The first run was a voluntary run to exhaustion to determine the baseline of each runner’s maximum heart rate, speed and oxygen uptake. The run was done on a standard electric treadmill set to a 1% gradient.

In the second run, the participants were familiar with the AirGo Curve Treadmill by practicing the scheme they would follow in the third and fourth experimental runs: run for 4 minutes at five different speeds (40%, 50%, 60%, 70% and 80% of their maximum speed), and passively recover every 3 minutes.

In the last two experimental runs, they completed the interval training of the second run on the AirGo Curve Treadmill and the standard motorized treadmill respectively. At the last minute of each interval, the researchers measured the runners’ oxygen intake, respiratory exchange rate, rhythm and heart rate, and asked the runners to rate their perceived effort.

The researchers found that, similar to the manufacturer’s statement, runners’ work intensity on the AirGo Curve Treadmill did increase by about 30%. These runners believe that when they run on the AirGo Curve Treadmill, their average work intensity increases by 27%. From a physiological point of view, their symptoms match: compared with running at the same speed on a motorized treadmill, they consume 32% more oxygen on average, their heart rate is 16% higher, their running rhythm is 2.5% higher, and their running economy is 38%.

Is It Healthier to Run Outside or on a AirGo Curve Treadmill?

Although outdoor running has many advantages, running on the treadmill also has its advantages. On the treadmill, you don’t have to worry about cars, bicycles or pedestrians. You may not feel the need to carry a mace or a Taser with you. You can also turn up the volume of your headphones without worrying too much about the surrounding environment.

If you have children, you must exercise at home. If you like running but can’t go on the road often, it’s wise to invest in a treadmill. In addition, running on the treadmill usually does not have much impact on the joints, because on the asphalt road, the belt will absorb most of the impact directly transmitted to the ankles and knees.

However, for many people, running on a treadmill is terrible. Try these techniques to make your treadmill run more interesting, and use these treadmill workouts to speed up and improve endurance.

Compared with running on the treadmill, outdoor running provides more natural opportunities for improvement, not only in speed, but also in strength, coordination, technology and endurance. For example, if you live near hills or mountains, running on routes with slopes, downhills and curves will pose a greater challenge to your legs (yes, most treadmills have slope features, but they are limited compared to your outdoor experience).

Cross country running provides an opportunity to improve coordination and awareness skills, because you must always pay attention to and avoid obstacles caused by tree roots, loose rocks and other difficult terrain (be sure to buy cross-country shoes for extra traction).

Can You Walk on AirGo Curve Treadmill?

Walking on the treadmill is a good way to improve aerobic fitness and weight loss, especially when the weather is too cold or dark. Now, many gyms are providing iterations of this popular machine in the form of AirGo Curve Treadmill.

Unlike most standard treadmills, the new AirGo Curve Treadmill is self-propelled and has no motor – they rely on the user’s weight to drive the belt. It is said that this unique curve shape can provide a more natural stride and promote correct posture and foot strike. The farther you go on the curve, the faster the belt moves. If you want to run on the treadmill occasionally, the design also encourages users to hit the ball with the sole of their foot, which helps reduce the impact on the joints.

AirGo Curve Treadmill does not provide pre programmed training. This means that you can decide whether to add any HIIT intervals. In addition, although the AirGo Curve Treadmill is equivalent to walking on a slope of 6-8%, if you want to walk on fewer or more slopes, you will not be able to adjust so much. Because the AirGo Curve Treadmill is automatically driven, you may feel slower and fatigue faster. Although this will improve efficiency, you can expect to see smaller strides.

How Do you Slow down AirGo Curve Treadmill?

Sydney sports expert vanessaleone said that the arc treadmill is also very suitable for interval training, because you can control the speed at the millisecond level, which also makes it more relevant to outdoor running. When running outdoors, your speed will change, which is much less dangerous than playing with the speed control lever on the electric treadmill. To speed up, you run closer to the front of your belt. To slow down, you move back and slow down.

  1. Step on it from the side. ” Fiona said that the curve is very high, so if you are short like me, it may be daunting. Use the side armrest to help you and climb to the side near the belt. After stabilization, step on the middle of the safety belt.
  2. The middle of the belt is a “neutral” zone. The closer you are to the display console, the faster the conveyor speed. To slow down, it needs to be placed between the middle and rear of the machine. Just think about the shape of the curve. The closer you get to the top, your weight and gravity will naturally pull you faster.
  3. When you start to walk slowly on the curve, please put your hand on the handrail (don’t put it directly in front of you like an ordinary treadmill, because it will speed up the speed of the belt). Because of the shape of the machine, it will feel a little strange.
  4. Breathe. You can control the speed. If you feel nervous, just step from your belt to your sides. The curve will stop. Alternatively, you can stop walking and “drift” towards the rear of the seat belt, and the seat belt will stop. “

How Accurate is the AirGo Curve Treadmill Calorie Counter?

Many high-tech aerobics machines in gyms today require you to enter your personal details before you start. This usually includes your weight, and sometimes your gender and age, which can be incorporated into the calorie burning equation. The problem is that there are other important factors to consider.

Aerobic exercise equipment such as treadmills use standard formulas to calculate the number of calories burned. This is similar to the calorie burning formula. You can calculate it yourself. In both cases, factors such as your health level, body composition and body shape are not taken into account.

Health level: whether you are just starting a normal exercise program or switching activities, the more you update, the more calories you burn. When you become more efficient and healthier, doing the same activity at the same time will burn fewer calories.

Body composition: when you start exercising, it is likely that you have more fat than muscle mass, so you will burn fewer calories at first. When you exercise your muscles, your body will become more efficient and burn more calories at the same amount of exercise.

Size: when two people are the same, the larger one can burn more calories.

Age: some machines will affect your age, while others will not. However, as you grow older, you will not burn as many calories as you did when you were younger. You can compensate for this by extending the duration or intensity of your exercise.

For example, if a 160 pound woman with 35 percent body fat and a 160 pound woman with 20 percent body fat both run at 10 minute miles, the treadmill will display the same amount of calories burned. However, the second woman with lower body fat and more muscle actually burned more calories.


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