What Is a Couples Massage & Benefits of This Massage

Couples Massage
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Couples Massage is a very popular health experience. Have you ever tried this special massage method? This type of massage usually includes oil and aromatherapy, making it very relaxing and intimate. Couples Massage has many advantages, but it mainly improves the feelings and comfort between partners. Couples Massage is not only helpful for your relationship, but also a highly recommended entry experience for those who have received any type of massage for the first time and like to accompany them when they go to the spa.

What is Couples Massage?

Couples Massage is a relaxing body mate massage with therapeutic purpose, which depends on the specialty chosen by the customer. Its purpose is to create a peaceful environment to balance people’s body, mind and energy, regardless of their choice of physical therapy or cosmetic therapy.

The masseur hopes that you can get the maximum benefit from the massage, so that the masseur can adjust the duration of the massage according to your needs and your partner’s needs. We offer 30 minutes of couples massage, a quick and effective treatment, which is excellent when you squeeze time, or you want to have a quick massage with your partner during lunch time. Masseurs also provide couples with 60 minutes of massage to completely relax. If you want to have a longer treatment, the 90 minute courses of couples massage are very suitable for the maximum recovery.

Benefits of Couples Massage

The benefits of couples massage are manifold, many of which (rarely explored) are emotional. First of all, the massage between husband and wife helps to re-establish contact, because there are common experiences here and now. Usually, couples have different work rhythms, which is one of the obstacles they encounter when they get along with each other. Oriental couple massage can release hormones related to feeling good, such as oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin. These are the substances that regulate emotions, and removing them is the magic formula of love: that is why it is said that couples massage can promote the desire for affection and intimacy.

What Are the Expectations of Couples Massage?

Upon arrival, two masseurs will greet you and take you to a private room with two massage tables side by side. Some salons offer more than one type of couples massage, from the most relaxed to the most energetic, so you and your partner can choose one of your favorite. If you have different ideas about the effect that massage wants to achieve, that’s no problem. In the course of a couple’s treatment, both of you will receive treatment tailored to your specific needs, just like this is a personal massage, so don’t worry, because this is not a “one size fits all” massage.

There is no etiquette in couples massage. You may want to take this opportunity to catch up with another person, or you may prefer to take a nap. On the other hand, if you have an excellent romantic relationship with your partner, you may like hand in hand massage. This is your choice. No matter what decision you make, the ideal situation is to find out before lying on the stretcher.

Can I Create a Couples Massage Experience at Home?

Suppose you plan a romantic Valentine’s day at home, and you decide to make a couples massage. What should you do to make full use of your experience? You can try the following methods:

  • Transporting food and beverages

Massage is an incredible way to relax and reduce stress. In couples massage, it can also enhance feelings. Prepare delicious food and drinks in advance, or send you a Valentine’s Day meal to complete your private paradise. (if your budget is not unlimited, home delivery will also help you save prices.) If you want to know whether you should eat and drink before or after Couples Massage, most therapists recommend that you enjoy food and (especially) drinks after massage.

  • Choose the right space

Choose a private room with two massage tables (usually the massage therapist will bring tables and massage supplies unless you have them at home), and there is enough space for the therapist to move. About 10 × 12 feet of space should be enough.

Because you will wear very light during the massage, if you can control the temperature of the room, you may want to increase the temperature by a few degrees. Close the windows if necessary.

  • Set emotions

During most massages, you will close your eyes, but a bright light above your head will still cause interference. Turn off the ceiling light – if you have a dimmer, turn down the light in the room by half. Therapists usually bring their own music to the massage, but of course you can play your own music if you like. If necessary, it is useful for the therapist to know where the exit is. Some scents can help you relax, such as lavender and vanilla. If you have a scented candle or diffuser that you have always wanted to try, now is the opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Couples Massage

Couples Massage2
  1. Who can you take to make couples massage?

Couples Massage is designed for two people to enjoy together, which means that any two people are welcome to arrange a course of treatment. Whether dating, engagement or marriage, romantic couples are the most common betrothers. Couples Massage is also applicable to friends, girlfriends, sisters, mothers and daughters. It actually depends on how comfortable you are with the people who participate in your massage, but any combination of people can experience this treatment together.

  1. What kind of couples massage can you make?

Couples Massage is like a regular massage. Your therapist will ask you about your preference for stress, whether it’s light stress, medium stress, firm stress, or a combination of stress. If you prefer a more professional massage method during the massage process, please inform us when making an appointment so that we can meet your requirements. If you want to add any enhancements to your Couples Massage, such as aromatherapy, foot scrub bag or CBD oil massage, we can easily add them to your couples massage bag, but at an additional cost.

  1. How long will it take for couples massage?

Couples Massage includes the use of different technologies according to the purpose of massage. Treatment can be targeted at body relaxation, stress relief, pain relief, or body posture correction. A 60 minute massage may cost between $80 and $200 depending on the treatment you choose.

  1. How much does Couples Massage cost

The prices of couples massage range from $80 per hour for basic packages to $120 per hour for more complete packages. The price of couples massage may vary greatly depending on the type of massage, duration, location, and additional hot towels or aromatherapy and other accessories.

  1. How much do you tip for couples massage?

In most cases, the tip value of spa, health center or family service is similar to that of restaurants. You will want to give your masseur about 15% to 20% of the service value. This rule applies to most types of couples massages and any other treatment available from a spa.

  1. What will Couples Massage wear?

Dress etiquette may vary depending on the type of massage you receive. In most cases, wearing comfortable and loose clothes is a suitable choice. Be sure to take off any jewelry or extra clothing before massaging the couple. To avoid any confusion, we recommend talking to a spa representative before your partner massages to determine the best clothing choices for you and your partner.

  1. Where is couples mass?

The most common places of couples massage are famous spas; This relaxing place provides different elements and techniques, making massage an unforgettable experience.

Spa is the perfect plan for any time of the year, not just one day. The spa has a unique environment to promote relaxation. They usually have music, and the warm design makes them an ideal place for unparalleled romantic experience, especially those places that provide private spa for couples.

  1. Can we chat at couples Massage?

Before letting you lie on the massage table, your therapist will ask you a few questions, but once you start massage, if you allow yourself to completely immerse in the experience, you and your partner will get the greatest relaxation from your treatment. Talking to each other during the massage may distract you, make you unable to relax completely, and prevent you from getting the maximum benefit from the massage. We suggest that you arrange a pedicure after massage, where you and your partner can chat freely.

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