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5. Can You Use Echelon Bike Without A Subscription1
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Without a subscription, you can use Echelon. If you decide to use it without a subscription, you will only have access to the Echelon’s fundamental features and information.

What is the Echelon Connect Bike?

At first glance, the Echelon bike resembles the Peloton almost exactly, but it has less influence (and a smaller fan base). It’s an exercise bike with a screen that enables you to participate in live and on-demand virtual spin classes with Echelon instructors from their studios in Chattanooga and Miami. Through its app membership, Echelon also offers additional exercise classes like barre, pilates, zumba, and HIIT.

Echelon Without a Subscription

A subscription is intended to be used with the exercise bike called Echelon.

Users may occasionally decide to cancel their subscriptions if they become too expensive. Although using Echelon with a subscription has many advantages, there are alternatives if you can’t afford or don’t want to subscribe.

Learn which features require a subscription from this list if you’re trying to decide whether to forego the subscription.

FeatureSubscription RequiredEffect
Resistance ValueNoOn Echelon, you can still see your resistance value without the app, but it requires skill. In order for it to function without a subscription, you must turn the knob when you begin to pedal.
Freestyle RidesNoWithout a subscription, you can still access the machine’s Freestyle Ride statistics. Without a subscription, your progress will not be saved in the “Progress Area.”
All Other ContentYesWithout a subscription, you are unable to access any additional content.

You can stream classes and rely on the direction of knowledgeable teachers to help you succeed. By riding to compete against friends and joining the online community, you can also benefit from the competitive feature. But a subscription is required to access these features.

So what happens if you don’t renew your Echelon bike membership? Without a subscription, you can use the “free ride” mode. Reports reveal “freestyle” options on the Echelon app, which only displays your metrics.

Because of this, you wouldn’t hear any music or have access to a teacher, but the app should still help you keep track of your output. You wouldn’t be able to participate in scheduled classes or stream live and on-demand classes if the touchscreen weren’t equipped with this feature.

Echelon With a Subscription

You can always choose to purchase a subscription plan if the thought of not using all the features that your Echelon has to offer doesn’t appeal to you. These subscription plans come in tier options as follows:

Billed Monthly$34.99 a monthaccess to classes on demand and more than 35 daily classes. Classes for FitPass off-equipment and all-equipment, up to 5 profiles per membership.
Yearly$33.33 a month, billed $399.99 annually.Free shipping in addition to all the advantages of being billed monthly.
Two-Year$29.16 a month, billed $699 every two years.All the benefits of Billed Monthly plus Free Shipping.

Using Other Apps

Other applications cannot be downloaded directly onto the bike itself with Echelon. On your phone, you can download additional apps, which you can use in addition to your Echelon bike. Here are some apps that you can use:


The Peloton is the Echelon’s more expensive rival. Due to their similar designs and functionalities, Echelon is frequently chosen by customers looking to save money. Despite the fact that this is the case, a user might be persuaded to give some Peloton classes a try because they differ significantly from Echelon classes. Although it isn’t a typical method, you can enjoy Peloton classes by using this method:

  • Download the Peloton app on your phone and sign in.
  • Open the Echelon app on your phone and connect your bike via Bluetooth.
  • Select ‘More’ and then select ‘Freestyle Ride’ on your You will receive your ride statistics based on the Echelon rating scale when you click on this.
  • Open your Peloton app, choose your class and start biking!

If you’re using an Echelon and Peloton classes, you’ll need to switch your resistance settings between the two apps to get the proper workout.

Fitbit and Echelon

The fact that the Fitbit can be connected to the Echelon will be welcomed news to Fitbit users everywhere. Following the completion of a ride, the user can check their app or log into their account online after waiting a short while. The updated data will reflect your workout. Echelon has a customer support page specifically for its users to help with connectivity problems.

5. Can You Use Echelon Bike Without A Subscription2

Strava and Echelon

A Strava can connect to the Echelon in the same way that the Fitbit can. The app on your phone will allow you to begin tracking your workouts as soon as it is connected. Just like tracking a run, walk, or gym day, it is simple. Once you’re finished with your workout, wait a few minutes; then, Strava should automatically update its database.

How Much is the Echelon Bike?

Echelon offers five different bikes at various price points, unlike Peloton, which only has one. All include pedal cages so that you can ride while wearing regular sneakers or SPD cycling shoes (which the company, of course, also sells). If you want to track the intensity of your workouts or the number of calories you burn, you can also choose to buy a heart rate monitor (sold separately).

The Echelon bikes are:

  • The most basic bike is Echelon GT+, which has a straightforward console where you can put your own phone or tablet to watch the classes. It retails for $900.
  • The Echelon Connect EX-5 bike has an improved handlebar system, a device holder that can be turned 180 degrees for easier viewing while standing outside the bike, two handlebar-mounted bottle holders, and a weight rack under the seat. Retail price is $1,000.
  • The first two models with displays are the Echelon Connect EX-5s, with the EX-5s-10 having a 10-inch touchscreen and the Ex-5s-22 having a 22-inch screen. For viewing from a distance, both flip over. The retail price of the EX-5s-10 is $1,200, while the price of the Ex-5s-22 is $1,500.
  • Designed for a more immersive experience, the Echelon EX-8s Connect Bike has a curved 22-inch touchscreen. Normally, it costs $2,300.

Unlike Peloton’s one membership option that costs $44 a month, Echelon offers several membership options with your bike of choice at different prices:

  • Echelon Monthly for $35, which packages bike classes with additional workouts, such as HIIT, pilates, and more
  • Echelon Yearly for $400 which includes the bike and additional workout classes and averages to about $33 per month, but requires you to pay the total upfront
  • Echelon Two-Year for $699, which works out to just over $29 a month (but, again, must be paid in full up front)

A separate Echelon Fit app, which costs $20 per month, also provides Echelon’s non-equipment classes. This is not as good of a deal as paying $13 a month for Peloton’s standalone app, if only because you can still use the app to take Peloton bike classes on bikes other than Peloton—even Echelon bikes!—if you want.

Warranty and Other Costs

When buying a bicycle from Echelon, you can select an additional 1- or 2-year warranty. Everything is covered, including repairs, normal wear and tear, and any electrical issues.

The value of the bike determines how much the warranty will cost. The cost of a 1-year warranty and a 2-year guarantee for the GT+ is roughly $100 and $150, respectively; for the EX-8s, these costs are $219 and $339, respectively.

It’s also critical to keep in mind that the price will increase if you decide to purchase an Echelon membership ($29 to $40) per month, depending on the plan you select, during the Echelon website checkout process.

Depending on the Echelon subscription you select and where you live, you might additionally be required to pay a delivery fee when calculating your overall cost.

Is It Worthwhile to Buy An Echelon Bicycle?

When compared to brands like Peloton or NordicTrack, Echelon bikes can be more affordable, especially if you don’t mind using your own tablet or smartphone in place of a built-in touch screen.

As an alternative to upscale fitness centers and spin classes, you can ride from the comfort of your home whenever it’s convenient for you by using an Echelon cycle with the Echelon Fit app.

The app also lets you communicate with the Echelon community, which could be useful for those who find extra social support to be motivating.

Echelon bikes are not a good option for everyone though. The built-in touchscreen, which some users may find to be essential, is missing from some versions, to start. The two touchscreen models are significantly more expensive than comparable Peloton or NordicTrack models.

Even though the Echelon Fit app is comparable to many other fitness apps in terms of total cost over time, there is a fee associated with using it in addition to the bike’s purchase price.

Finally, keep in mind that the 1-year warranty offered with Echelon motorcycles is insufficient when compared to some rivals’ warranties.

Is the Echelon Bike as Good as Peloton?

Although I haven’t personally used a Peloton bike, I have observed one in use. The builds are very similar, but I will say that I think the Peloton classes’ displays and video editing are higher quality and more high-definition. One issue I had with the Echelon classes at first was that the Peloton screen offered suggested cadence and resistance ranges. You won’t experience the annoying screen-hitting that I did because the Peloton’s water bottle holder is also on the side of the bike. Additionally, Peloton provides free assembly, which may be worth at least a portion of the price increase to some.

We already know that the Peloton costs more than the Echelon, but you’re also getting access to a huge community. Hundreds of people take live classes on Peloton every day, and there are more than a dozen live classes available every day. Peloton has about 1.4 million users. Additionally, Peloton’s website lists 25 instructors, whereas Echelon’s only lists 20, providing a slightly wider variety.

When it comes to warranties, Echelon provides a two-year warranty that essentially covers its longest financing period (36 months), but you can also buy an extended warranty for one extra year or for three more years (a total of five years).

Since Peloton only provides a 12-month warranty on all parts other than the bike frame, you’re out of luck if a part fails before you’ve finished paying off your financing. To pay for an extended warranty for an additional 12 months or $230 for 27 months to complete the financing period, you can call customer service within the first year of ownership.

Although I believe the Peloton to be of a higher caliber, the Echelon is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a less expensive bike with a comparable experience and a growing community.

Is the Echelon Bike Worth It?

I was given an Echelon bike as a loaner and a free trial subscription, but I’m thinking about buying one for myself. Although it doesn’t have Peloton’s fan base, user base, or instructor base, I like that it’s much more affordable. The cost of Echelon fits better with my budget and lifestyle, and over time, I’ll be able to avoid paying the $30 per class average for individual cycling lessons. As long as you use it consistently for those 36 months, taking just two classes a month on the Echelon already pays for itself.

You can return the Echelon within 30 days of the delivery date if you don’t like it, but you’ll have to pay a restocking fee. But I don’t think a return will be required if you enjoy cycling as much as I do.

In conclusion, I heartily recommend renting an Echelon if you want the cycling-class experience without the pricey cost of the Peloton.


Echelon can be used without a membership, yes. You can only use the Echelon’s essential functions and data if you choose to use it without becoming a member.


Can We Use Echelon Without An App?

Yes, without the APP, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the Echelon Experience and utilize your new Connect bike to its full potential. Additionally, neither your ride statistics nor any other data are visible or logged.

Can I Use the Peloton App With My Echelon Bike?

The Peloton app can be used with an Echelon bike, but it’s not the same as using a Peloton bike.

Even so, you’ll be able to save money on an Echelon exercise bike and still take Peloton classes. In order to maximize your enjoyment, you’ll need to perform a DIY installation and be persistent.

Is There a Monthly Charge for Echelon?

Starting at $12 per month, Echelon FitPass provides a range of non-equipment workouts.

With this subscription, you have access to many quick and effective off-equipment exercises like strength training, yoga, and HIIT.

How Does Echelon Compete With Peloton?

Pricing, instructor preferences, and premium features are frequently what determine which program is better between Peloton and Echelon.

If cost is not a factor, the Peloton Bike+ has some pretty amazing features that are worth considering if you’re looking for a cheap beginner bike.

Is Echelon Compatible With TVs?

Yes, you can use our web login with any Smart TV. If you want to view your Smart Connect Bike metrics on the smart TV, we suggest using an Apple TV or screen mirror for your TV.

Additionally, you can use third-party programs like Video and TV Cast and Mirror for Samsung TV.

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