Repair Service

Do you have an Exerciser Elite, Exerciser 2000 Elite, Kneading Fingers 2000, Kneading Roller Elite, Kneading Roller 2000 Elite in need of service? Don’t throw them away. We have an experienced, full service department ready to try and bring life back to your machine! Normally, it is more cost effective to have your machine serviced than to purchase a new one, depending on parts availability. Even if you have a machine over 15 years old!

If you have a machine in need of service please contact our customer service department M-F 9am-5pm CST 1-800-748-7172 or fill out the form below. All repairs, whether in warranty or out of warranty, will need to obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number from our customer service department to insure your repair is tracked properly. When calling to obtain a return authorization number please have the name of your machine and your machines serial number available, if possible. Serial numbers are found on the back of the machine. Depending on the type of machine you have and parts availability, a customer service representative will let you know if we are able to repair the machine before generating a return authorization number.

If your machine is still under warranty, Clark Wellness will repair it at no cost to you. If the warranty on your machine has expired, Clark Wellness will contact you with a cost of repair once your machine has arrived at our service department and has been evaluated.

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