Outdoor Sport That Combine Both Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

Outdoor Sport That Combine Both Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise
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People who often exercise may be interested in which outdoor sports can be aerobic and anaerobic at the same time. We all know that different outdoor sports can include aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. Therefore, there is no clear answer to this question. Next we can learn some outrdoor sports that combine both aerobic and anaerobic ecercise.

There are many outdoor sports that combine aerobic and anaerobic breathing. Football is a sport in which players must run at high speed on the court and spend physical strength to deal with opponents or intercept passes. Football is a sport that combines two kinds of sports.

What is Outdoor Sports?

Outdoor sports refers to active entertainment or sports activities or physical exercises carried out outdoors, whether organized or personal. Outdoor sports include sports fields, skateboarding parks, trails, outdoor equipment, stadiums, dressing rooms and other auxiliary facilities, but do not include stadiums and clubs. Outdoor sports can include hiking, mountaineering, cycling, dog walking, rock climbing, running, sailing, skiing, skydiving and surfing, which are typical outdoor recreational activities.

What is Indoor Sports?

As the name suggests, indoor sports refers to our sports in a space. This is often suitable when the weather is bad but we want to exercise. Compared with outdoor sports, indoor sports will require less. You often only need a treadmill or a yoga mat to carry out indoor sports.

Aerobic outdoor sports and anaerobic outdoor sports

Taking part in one kind of exercise and ignoring another kind of exercise will make you lose some physiological adaptability and the health benefits you may get if you exercise together. Short periods of high-intensity exercise (aerobic exercise) without oxygen, plus running, swimming, roller skating, cycling and high-intensity walking, will help you get all the benefits of aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

How much Aerobic Exercise Do you Need?

American Heart associationtrusted source recommends 30 minutes or more of aerobic exercise five or more days a week. However, this can be broken. For example, you can walk three to ten minutes of aerobic exercise a day. In addition, you should also increase anaerobic intensive training twice or more a week, focusing on major muscle groups. If you just start exercising, see a doctor. They can assess your health and recommend a safe and effective fitness program for you.

Aerobic exercise makes people sweat and breathe heavily, while the heart pumps blood into the circulatory system. This means that the heart and lungs have been strengthened to better handle the oxygen supply throughout the body. During exercise, aerobic exercise refers to the extent to which the body uses oxygen and meets energy needs. For a better understanding, we divide aerobic exercise into two categories: aerobic outdoor exercise and aerobic indoor exercise. In this article, we will talk more about aerobic outdoor sports.

What are Aerobic Outdoor Sports?

When it’s sunny in winter vacation, it’s time to do aerobic exercise outside. We leave the gym and take part in some of the best activities to keep fit. It’s not that we don’t participate in aerobic outdoor activities; Winter sports include skating, snowboarding and skiing.

1. Ride a Bike

Cycling is an interesting aerobic outdoor sport. You should go alone or in groups. This exercise focuses on the lower body, reducing the impact of heat. For the sake of safety, every cyclist should wear a helmet and pay close attention to the road.

2. Swimming

It is the most popular outdoor aerobic exercise in the world. Swimming is a low impact exercise that can exercise the whole body.

3. Hiking

It lets us go out of the gym and experience the outside world. Hiking is an outdoor cardiovascular activity, which provides excellent lower body exercise and craniosacral exercise for hikers.

4. Running / Jogging

Running outdoors in the sun is more exciting and adventurous than running indoors. Running is an outdoor aerobic exercise, which can strengthen the cardiovascular system, burn fat and improve mood. Choose a safe running path, park or trail, and wear strong running shoes. After every run, you should not neglect stretching. It helps prevent you from getting hurt.

5. Walking

This is one of the simplest outdoor activities. You will be surprised to find that you have gained so much cardiovascular endurance just by walking.

6. Hockey

Lacrosse and hockey are the two most popular sports, which combine aerobic sports such as Lacrosse with anaerobic strength training. Another sport called cross-country skiing includes long-distance running. Players must track their speed when navigating in different terrain; It is also considered a combination exercise, because this special form requires you to use your muscles quickly without stopping or resting too much between the two techniques.

There is no clear answer to this question, because different outdoor sports can be combined with aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. However, football is a sport that requires athletes to run with high intensity. At the same time, it also needs to perform physical tasks such as intercepting or intercepting passes. Other popular sports that require a combination of aerobic and anaerobic sports include basketball, football, rugby and hockey.

The Significance of Outdoor Aerobic Exercise?

Aerobic exercise is a kind of exercise that helps maintain good health. Aerobic exercise is closely related to our daily life. For example, if we dance, swim or walk, and climb stairs quickly, it means that we are doing aerobic exercise.

Types of aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is a group of multiple exercises. But most people usually lose weight and keep healthy through aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises include climbing stairs, burpees, high jump, squat jump, lunging, donkey kick, jumping lunges and skating. In addition, we also tell you some simple aerobic weight loss exercises.

What Are the Benefits of Aerobic Exercise?

  • Improve Mood

Aerobic exercise can help reduce psychological problems such as anxiety, depression and stress. A study found that half an hour of aerobic exercise every three to five days can cure depression and improve mood.

  • Improve the Brain

After the age of 30, a person’s brain cells begin to weaken. Scientists believe that aerobic exercise can help avoid this situation and prevent cell decomposition. It helps maintain brain health, increase memory and eliminate amnesia.

  • Reduce the Probability of Asthma Attack

Daily aerobic exercise can reduce the severity and speed of asthma attack. This is a movement that provides enough air for the lungs and expels toxins. If you are an asthmatic, be sure to consult a doctor before doing aerobic exercise.

  • Strengthen the Immune System

A study found that regular aerobic exercise for about 30 minutes can increase the antibody called immunoglobulin in the blood and strengthen the immune system. Aerobic exercise helps to reduce women’s cortisol levels and strengthen the immune system.

  • Reduce Stress and Bood Pressure

Compared with indoor training, frequent outdoor sports are less difficult and have been proved to reduce tension, stress, anxiety and depression. Research shows that outdoor exercise can reduce blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Aerobic outdoor exercise is related to physical activities, which can make the blood fully pass through the arteries, veins and capillaries in the body to maintain the efficient operation of the heart.

Outdoor sports expose you to the sun: This allows you to get the vitamin D we need from the sun. Sunlight can also promote the oxidation of muscles and tissues to produce energy, and it has some additional functions that can automatically improve your spirit. When exercising in the sun, make sure your body is hydrated, apply sunscreen, and limit exposure to the sun.

  • Help Lose Weight

People who take part in various aerobic outdoor activities will burn a lot of fat. This can reduce weight while maintaining good health. It helps reduce the risk of diabetes: if you want to better control your blood sugar level, do a lot of outdoor aerobic and anaerobic exercise. You should also do this often. It also helps to improve the mental health and self-esteem of people who often participate in activities.

  • Duration and Intensity of Outdoor Aerobic Exercise

The type of fuel should determine the duration and intensity of exercise activities. According to a 2017 article in the World Journal of Cardiology, the decomposition of creatine phosphate and glycogen does not produce much energy. Therefore, anaerobic exercise will not last long. They use high-intensity fast twitching muscles. In contrast, aerobic exercise produces more energy. This supports rhythmic and continuous movement and uses large muscle groups. Different types of fuels determine the difference between anaerobic and aerobic activities.

  • Use your Power

Anaerobic exercise includes fast and vigorous exercise. Resistance training, also known as weight lifting or strength training, is a perfect example. This includes weightlifting, resistance band exercises, weightlifting exercises and high-intensity interval training. Examples of weight lifting exercises are push ups, squats, sit ups, and lunges. Yoga and Pilates, as well as sprint and rock climbing, are also anaerobic.

  • Burn the Lungs

Aerobic exercise is sometimes called endurance exercise or aerobic exercise. It will increase your heart rate and breathing. Aerobic exercise includes brisk walking, dancing, hiking, jogging, running, swimming and cycling. Even daily activities such as gardening, raking leaves and climbing stairs count as aerobic exercise. Sports that need regular exercise are also aerobic sports, such as tennis, basketball and football. Basically, if you breathe faster and use large muscle groups, you are doing aerobic exercise.

  • Try Combination Exercises

Some activities require a combination of anaerobic and aerobic exercise. For example, according to a 2015 study in sports magazine, playing hockey includes anaerobic and aerobic activities. Playing ice hockey requires anaerobic energy, while skating requires aerobic energy.

  • Let your Activity up

A balanced fitness program includes aerobic and anaerobic activities. If you like moderate intensity aerobic exercise, such as fast walking, you need to exercise for 2 hours and 30 minutes a week. If you like vigorous aerobic exercise, such as running, you need 1 hour and 15 minutes a week. You can also do moderate and high-intensity activities at the same time. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends muscle strengthening activities two or more days a week. These exercises are considered anaerobic and should exercise all your muscle groups within a week.

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When choosing the combination of aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise, it is important to consider the skill level expected by individuals. Most team sports may be more rewarding than individual or group sports, but it ultimately depends on individual preferences. Outdoor activities, such as hiking or cycling, can provide a more challenging experience for those who want to work harder to promote themselves.

No matter which outdoor sport combines aerobic and anaerobic exercise, it is important that sports activities are part of one’s daily life to improve overall health. This activity should be safe and pleasant, so that individuals are more likely to stick to it for a long time.

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