How to Measure Distance on a Treadmill – Is It Accurate?

How to Measure Distance on a Treadmill - Is It Accurate?
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When using a treadmill, some people only have a time limit in mind; others aim to cover a certain distance before stopping. If you belong to the second group, you’ll naturally want your treadmill to record your mileage.

You can find out your speed and distance using a treadmill. The amount of ground covered during a workout can be measured using treadmills.

How to Measure Distance on a Treadmill?

How to Measure Distance on a Treadmill - Is It Accurate?

Most treadmills come equipped with automatic distance tracking features that measure distance with an accuracy of about 95%. If you suspect that your treadmill doesn’t provide you with accurate distance information or if it is too old to provide you with any distance information at all, you can either use external distance measuring devices or simple math to keep track of how much virtual ground you’ve covered.

Activate Your Treadmill

Turn on the distance counting function on your treadmill to automatically record the amount of pavement you’ve pounded. If you use a more recent treadmill and are unable to activate this feature, check your owner’s manual or ask a member of the gym staff for assistance. All properly operating modern treadmills are capable of showing how far you have run.

Calculate How Far You Run

How to Measure Distance on a Treadmill - Is It Accurate?

By timing your workout and comparing it to the pace you choose, you can determine how far you ran. The pace of a treadmill’s speed settings typically ranges from six to twelve minutes per mile. Calculate the total distance you ran by multiplying the number of minutes by the speed per mile. For instance, if you use the treadmill for 60 minutes at a pace of 12 minutes per mile, divide 60 by 12 to get the distance in miles, which is 5.

Wear An External Tracking Device

If your treadmill is old or doesn’t provide precise speed or distance information, you should wear an external tracking device while running on it to automatically monitor distance. Pedometers are easy-to-use gadgets that you can wear around your waist or ankle to count your steps. By dividing your average stride length by the number of strides you take, the majority of pedometers can be calibrated to calculate distance. You might prefer a running speedometer that measures distance and speed directly using a chip that fits inside your running shoe if you want a more accurate measurement and are willing to spend more money.

How to Measure Distance on a Treadmill - Is It Accurate?

How They Work?

Almost all calorie counters use averages. The number of calories burned by treadmill test subjects in real-world settings is used by manufacturers to program the machines. For a predetermined amount of time, these test subjects exercise on a treadmill in a controlled setting. The controlled environment records body temperature, carbon dioxide exhalation, and oxygen inhaled. These elements collectively determine the number of calories expended during their workout. The results from numerous tests with subjects of various weights serve as the benchmark for the calorie counter. The displayed calories burned are based on the average of a test subject of a similar weight when you step on the treadmill and enter your weight.

Factors That Influence Accuracy

How to Measure Distance on a Treadmill - Is It Accurate?

Although you accurately enter your weight and receive an exact match to a test subject, other factors, such as putting your weight on the side handles of the treadmill or taking a brief break while the treadmill is still running by placing your feet on its rails, can affect how accurate your results are. Due to this, the accuracy of the calorie counter can vary slightly depending on whether it displays fewer or more calories burned than you actually did.


Hopefully, through our article, you now find a thorough answer to the question “how to calculate treadmill miles to actual miles?“. The formula is very straightforward; just be sure to carefully record each step and remember every calculation!

The bottom line is that a mile is still a mile when the treadmill is set up perfectly, whether you’re running on a belt or on open roads, and unless you’re doing a hill exercise, you can keep the equipment grade at 0%.

How to Measure Distance on a Treadmill - Is It Accurate?


What is 1 Mile on a Treadmill?

Divide the treadmill speed by 60. And that represents your mile-per-minute pace. If your treadmill’s speed setting is 6.0 (6 mph), for example. In other words, you can jog a mile in 10 minutes at a speed setting of 6.0 on the treadmill.

What Do the Numbers on a Treadmill Mean?

A treadmill’s speed is typically expressed in miles per hour (mph), with a higher number indicating a faster treadmill belt. Normal walking speed ranges from two to four miles per hour; four to five miles per hour is considered a fast walk or a light jog; and anything over five miles per hour is considered jogging or running.

What Does 10 Distance Mean on a Treadmill?

If your treadmill is set to English miles, the number 10 on the speed screen corresponds to 10 mph, which is 16.1 kph. A 10 in the speed screen on a treadmill set to metric kilometers is equivalent to 10 kilometers per hour (kph), or 6.2 miles per hour.

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