Do Treadmills Use A Lot of Electricity – How Many Watts Does It Use?

Do Treadmills Use A Lot of Electricity1
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Calculations can be used to estimate that most treadmills typically use between 300 and 900 watts of power.

A treadmill requires a sizable financial commitment. The spending doesn’t stop once you buy your machine, though. You may have thought about the cost of upkeep and repairs, but what about the cost of operating your treadmill? If your electricity costs.1305 cents per kilowatt, it will cost you slightly less than $1 to run your treadmill for an hour every day.

The Wattage Of Your Treadmill

Your treadmill’s wattage will determine how much electricity it will use. In order to estimate potential electric costs, it is crucial to understand your machine’s wattage and treadmill power usage. The wattage rating of your treadmill will vary depending on the size of the motor it is powered by.

There are calculations that can be done to estimate how much electricity your machine will use and how this will affect your costs. The majority of treadmills typically use between 300 and 900 watts of power.

You must determine how frequently you use your treadmill over the course of a month in order to calculate this and then multiply the result by the maximum treadmill wattage.

A 600-watt treadmill, for instance, would consume 10.8 kilowatts of electricity per month if it were used for about 18 hours per week. Finding this cost on your electricity bill will be simpler if you use this calculation.

What Elements Affect Treadmill Electricity Consumption?

Even if two people use the same treadmill at home, their electricity usage will differ. Why is that? Because many factors affect “how much electricity does a treadmill use”. Here are a few of them.

Motor Size

The term “horsepower” refers to the size or capacity of your treadmill motor. It can produce 1.5 to 4.0 horsepower. The motor capacities of treadmills designed for walking exercises are typically lower than those for running or intense workouts. Furthermore, a treadmill can support faster speeds for longer periods of time the more horsepower it has.

Treadmill Wattage

This element has an impact on the size or power of treadmill motors. This is so that you can estimate the amount of electricity your treadmill uses by converting horsepower into watts.

Treadmill Speed

Answering the question “how much electricity does a treadmill use” depends on your speed setting during exercise the faster you run, the higher the power requirements to shift and maintain a certain speed level. Similar to how cars use more fuel as speed increases,

How Much Energy Is Used By A Treadmill?

The energy consumption of a treadmill is influenced by various factors. But none of these should make you less motivated to exercise. Because treadmill workouts typically last only a short time—between 30 and an hour per day.

Additionally, unlike air conditioners, clothes dryers, ovens, refrigerators, and freezers, treadmills are not electrical appliances that generate heat.

Heating appliances typically use more energy. Additionally, while treadmills can produce heat, that is not their main purpose.

But exactly how much electricity does a treadmill use? We can further understand this through a formula to determine whether it is expensive. Here’s how to do it:

  • Identify the wattage setting on your treadmill. Usually, you can find it online or in the user guide. Let’s use 600 W (the typical treadmill wattage) as our example for this calculation.
  • Calculate the wattage level by multiplying the monthly treadmill workout hours. For instance, if you work out for an hour, six days a week, you would work out on the treadmill for 24 hours each month. 14,400 W is obtained by multiplying 600 W by 24 hours.
  • watts to kilowatts conversion of 14.4 kilowatts per month is obtained by multiplying 14,400 W by 1000.
Do Treadmills Use A Lot of Electricity

How Often Will You Use Your Treadmill?

The frequency of use of your treadmill will affect how much electricity it consumes, as was previously mentioned. Of course, the machine will use more electricity the more it is used.

Others may use their treadmills much more frequently for prolonged workout sessions, whereas some people may use their treadmills intermittently for brief periods of time.

For this reason, how frequently and how vigorously your treadmill is used will determine the treadmill’s power consumption.

The Speed At Which You Use Your Treadmill

The speed at which your treadmill will be used is a further consideration.

If you like to use your treadmill for a leisurely stroll, this will use less electricity than if you were to use it for a longer run.

The majority of people vary their travel speed throughout their workout, making it more challenging to quantify this factor.

While many will begin at a slow pace, it is likely that at some point during the workout you will pick up the pace before possibly slowing down once more.

Base your calculations on the speed that is used most frequently during your workout to get an idea of how much electricity your treadmill will use.

The Average Treadmill Power Consumption

Almost 1,500W is the typical treadmill horsepower. This is based on the table above, which shows the top 20 electric treadmills on by sales volume.

The average treadmill horsepower ranges from 1.5 to 3 according to online sources (which, regrettably, do not list the data or sources). Three of the treadmills on our list have a single horsepower (746W). Only one treadmill on our list, the NordicTrack Commercial 1750, has an HP greater than 3, at 3.75 HP (2,798W).

On the most popular list, there are no treadmills with a motor that is typically 2 HP. In contrast, a treadmill with a 2 HP motor is the Reebok GT30. Fortunately, I have this treadmill so I can test how much power an average treadmill actually uses.

Because it provides a more accurate picture, testing the actual power consumption is important. The manufacturer’s stated power is typically the maximum power rating. If you’re anything like me, you won’t be using your treadmill to its full potential during your workout. Let’s test the actual power consumption of a typical treadmill using an energy monitor with this in mind.


To save time or money, you have no compelling reason to skip your treadmill workout. Given that we only use treadmills briefly, they hardly ever consume any electricity. Additionally, regular treadmill workouts don’t cost much.

However, if you still want to save money on energy and are considering purchasing a treadmill, think about purchasing a manual treadmill. These only require batteries to power the monitor, so they won’t increase your electricity bill.

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