How Many Watts Does a Treadmill Use?

How Many Amps & Watts Does a Treadmill Use
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Does the treadmill have a power bill? What is the treadmill’s power? What is the actual electricity consumption of the treadmill? A typical electric treadmill typically features a 2HP (1500W) motor. You can use around 0.7 kwh of electricity per week when you use a treadmill for moderate-intensity workout. The average electricity cost in the US is roughly 10 cents per week, 5.10 dollars per year, or 43 cents per month. Given that more intense exercises often last for a shorter period of time, you can anticipate to use less electricity if you exercise more intensely.

How Much Electricity Does the Treadmill Use?

Generally, the treadmill uses 600 to 700 watts (W) of power, depending on the model. The treadmill can use up to 20 amps of current and connect to a 120 volt socket. Over time, the number of times you use the treadmill has the greatest impact on its power consumption. Interestingly, one of the most important factors of how many watts the treadmill uses is your running speed: the faster you run, the more pressure will be put on the motor, which will consume more power. Assume that the average power of the treadmill at medium speed is about 650 W:

If you operate for 1.5 hours per week, that is, you use 0.98 kwh per week, 4.25 kwh per month, and 51 kwh per year.

Three hours of operation per week is equivalent to 1.95 kwh per week, 8.45 kwh per month and 101.4 kwh per year.

If you run 4.5 hours a week, that is 2.93 kwh a week, 12.7 kwh a month, 152.4 kwh a year.

Different power treadmills use different amounts of electricity in a year. In addition, running at different speeds on the treadmill will affect power consumption. Assuming that your treadmill runs moderately (3 hours a week), the following is the power of your treadmill with different powers in a year.

What is the Average Power Consumption of the Treadmill?

  • The average horsepower of the treadmill is 2, equivalent to nearly 1500W.
  • The average treadmill horsepower ranges from 1.5 to 3.

Testing the actual power consumption is important because it provides a more accurate view. The power listed by the manufacturer is usually the maximum rated power. If you are like me, you will not use the treadmill with maximum capacity during the whole exercise.

With this in mind, let’s use the energy monitor to test the actual power consumption of the average treadmill.

How Much Does It Cost to Power the Treadmill?

When you receive the monthly electricity bill, you can only see the total amount you are charged, not the contribution of each device to your final bill. The average power of the treadmill is 650 watts (101.4 kwh / year if you use the treadmill like an ordinary family) and the state average electricity charge is used.

If you want to know how much electricity your treadmill uses (or at least how much electricity it should use), please estimate the annual electricity consumption in kWh – this may be the best choice for you to obtain accurate figures. Simply multiply this figure by the average electricity charge in your area to estimate your annual cost of supplying power to the treadmill. For the estimated monthly cost, divide the estimated annual cost by 12.

What is the Wattage of the Treadmill?

The wattage of the treadmill will determine how much power it consumes, so it is very important to know the wattage of your machine and the power usage of the treadmill because this will enable you to calculate the potential power cost. The size of the motor equipped with the treadmill will affect the rated power. Most treadmills tend to use about 300 to 900 watts of power, and some calculations can be made to estimate how much power your machine will use and how this will affect your costs. To solve this problem, you need to evaluate the frequency of using the treadmill in a month, and then multiply it by the maximum treadmill power. For example, if you have a 600 Watt treadmill and you use it for about 18 hours per month, your treadmill will use 10.8 kW of power per month. Using this calculation will make it easier to determine this cost on your electricity bill.

Factors Affecting the Electric Charge of Treadmill

  1. Regularity of treadmill use

As mentioned above, the regularity of the use of the treadmill will affect the power used by the machine.

Of course, the more machines are used, the more electricity they consume. Although some people may use their treadmill irregularly for a short time, others may use their treadmill more frequently for long-term exercise. For this reason, the power consumption of the treadmill will depend on the frequency and intensity of the treadmill.

  1. Running speed of the treadmill

If you like to walk easily with a treadmill, it will consume less power than running longer distances with a treadmill. This factor is a little difficult to determine because most people change their travel speed throughout the exercise process. Although many people will start at a slower pace, it is likely that at some point in the entire exercise process, you will increase your speed before you may reduce it again. To estimate how much power your treadmill will use, please calculate according to the speed you use most during your exercise.

  1. Whether the treadmill is used on the slope

If you use the treadmill on a slope, this may affect the power it uses.

Although it will not have a significant impact on the overall power consumption of the treadmill, it is worth noting. Many people like to use treadmills on small slopes, while others like to exercise on flatter slopes. Unless you use the treadmill with a severe tilt throughout the exercise, it is unlikely to have a significant impact on overall power consumption.

  1. The service life of the treadmill

Like most machines and electrical appliances, the efficiency of treadmills begins to decline with age. As the components age, they may begin to deteriorate, so the machine will consume more power. Although it is not impossible to delay the aging of the treadmill, it is very important to ensure regular maintenance and inspection in order to avoid the increase of electricity charges caused by the aging of components, because this will enable you to find any problems.

FAQs of Treadmill

How Many Amperes Does the Treadmill Use?

Many treadmills require 20 Amp Circuits because they are powered by motors that require up to 20 amps of usable power. The power requirement of 20 amps is independent of the grounding requirement, and the grounding requirement is independent of the current intensity. Read Also:How Many Amps Does A Treadmill Use.

Does the Treadmill Also Need Special Circuits?

All green series treadmills need to use a special 20A circuit with non loop (isolated) neutral / ground wire to meet the power demand. (a treadmill, each grip size is 20). It just means that any plug inserted cannot work on the same circuit as other things.

Does the Treadmill Consume Much Energy in Britain?

If you use the treadmill for one hour every day, the electricity charge is 1725 cents per kilowatt hour (KWH), including UK media tax and utilities, which will restore you from 50 cents to 1 pound. All electrical equipment, including electric treadmills, are classified. Treadmills may be the most popular equipment in clubs, but they are also one of the best energy consumers. On average, a treadmill consumes 600 to 700 watts of energy. With the aging of the treadmill, it can consume 30% more energy than when it was young.

Can I Install a 15A Socket on a 20A Circuit?

Only 15 amp sockets are allowed on 20 Amp Circuits, because the cable connected to the socket must not exceed 15 Amps (per code). The power flowing through the front of the socket is added to the total 20 Amp branch on the cable, not the socket itself.

Can I Connect the Treadmill to the Extension Cable?

Extension cords are not recommended. If you absolutely have to use an extension cable, make sure it is grounded (three core), less than 6 feet long, and at least as thick as the treadmill cable (No. 14).

Last Thought

Treadmills don’t consume much electricity because most users only use them occasionally.  It’s unlikely that you’ll use your machine nonstop all day;  instead, plan on doing short, frequent workouts over the course of a week.  The amount of power your treadmill needs will vary depending on the type and brand due to a variety of reasons.  As a result, it could be challenging to estimate the precise wattage your treadmill will require.  You can compute the amount of electricity your treadmill might need in accordance with the wattage and usage.  Other elements should also be taken into account, such as the speed at which you use the treadmill and whether you use it on a slope.

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