About Us

History of Clark Wellness

In 1959, Clifford Clark, a self-educated businessman, started an electronics sales and service company in Salina, Kansas. This operation grew into the distribution of electronics and communication equipment throughout the United States.

After suffering a back injury in the mid 1980’s Mr. Clark became more health conscious and started seeking out home therapy products. His discovery of the Kneading Fingers neck and back massager in 1990 soon became Clark’s flagship product. In the years following, Clark Enterprises went on to specialize in high-end relaxation and health improvement machines with the addition of the Kneading Roller, a foot reflexology machine, and the Exerciser 2000, a passive exercise machine. This was the start of a multi-million dollar business focused on helping others feel better.

With his strong background in electronics and customer service, and his commitment to success and personal achievement, Mr. Clark was able to realize his dream of providing the highest quality health improvement machines on the market. Clark’s machines are manufactured exclusively for Clark Enterprises 2000, Inc. in an ISO-9001 certified facility to insure their customers receive a reliable, quality product providing them many years of in-home therapy. Clark Enterprises 2000, Inc. started as a family owned and operated company and still is today.

Originally, the Clark machines were introduced and demonstrated to the public at various conventions, trade shows and mall locations throughout the United States. During this time, Mr. Clark and his family enjoyed many years of traveling throughout the United States, interacting face-to-face with thousands of customers. Over the years, the reliable Clark-built machines have been made available online and through their affiliate program. Their products have been advertised in more than 75 national publications.

Since the mid 1990’s, Mr. Clark’s daughter, Amanda, has been working diligently alongside him. At an early age, Amanda had an interest in learning the family business and always knew she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps. After graduating high school, Amanda studied business courses through distance learning programs while working at Clark’s. Amanda shares her father’s vision of providing the highest quality health improvement machines and plans to carry on the Clark business upon his retirement.

Clark’s Today

In 2012, Clark’s commitment to wellness was made more prevalent with the announcement of their new brand identity, Clark Wellness Company. The new brand identity describes the quality behind every Clark-built machine, along with their commitment to helping people feel better and live well. Clark’s commitment to their valued customers and products remains constant.

Since the initial introduction of Clark’s relaxation and wellness products, the products have gone through several cosmetic and technical improvements to arrive at the current models of the Kneading Fingers, Exerciser Elite and Reflex Wave.

The Clark family continues to strive to provide the highest value for their customers and understands the importance of service after the sale. Clark’s vision for the future is to consistently research new technology to continue offering the highest quality products without losing sight of Mr. Clark’s strong foundation…providing excellent service, quality, and value.